Sensational Children inspires families to build a solid foundation

for creating the life they envision for their children and family by encouraging art, supporting the senses and leading with the concepts of positive discipline.


We all want out children to feel good about who they are;

be caring, compassionate, and respectful. We want them to enjoy meaningful relationships and grow up into responsible, resourceful members of their community while living a happy life full of meaning and purpose. “Bringing Baby Home” and “Positive Discipline” will get us there.


Think of the impact we will have on society as a whole (not just on our children).

“You have the power to shape your children’s minds and influence the future,” as you “help your children grow, learn, and develop into people who are happy, healthy, and fully themselves.” (Daniel Siegel’s, The Whole-Brain Child).


Bringing Baby Home” workshops (and individual consulting) help families maintain their romantic relationship while creating a healthy environment for their babies to grow and develop. Support continues with individual consulting and/or workshops teaching “Positive Discipline“.

More about Positive Discipline here: http://sensationalchildren.ca/how-is-positive-discipline-different/



Domenica  Mastromatteo, MSc.

Founder, Director of sensational children

Parent Educator (Gottman Trained Educator, Certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator), SPD-Parents Connections Host, Child Advocate, Consultant, Freelance Writer, Artist and Student Art Therapist


Domenica supports children and families by encouraging art, supporting the senses and leading with the concepts of positive discipline.

She always finds time for the things she enjoys…. reading, writing, learning new things, creating, photography, cooking, gardening, decorating, art…. visit her art website at domenicamastromatteo.com

send her an email at: dmastromatteo@sensationalchildren.ca