Supporting Mothers

This year has revealed to me (once again) the impossible job placed on moms and how, sadly,

most are doing it all on their own.

I’m not just talking about single moms, or moms in recovery, or moms with depression, or moms with multiples…..all of us find ourselves, at some point, overwhelmed and utterly alone. The Greater Vancouver area is filled with orphaned families, transplants from other towns, other cities, other provinces, other countries…. cut-off from family and place of origin. But there is an emotional price to be paid; hence, our search for a village to bandaid the pain.

This past year, I worked as a part-time temporary caregiver, mentor, and (I am now a) board member with Spectrum Mother’s Support Society. Moms with children under the age of 3 years old have a network of awesome women to depend on; women who make part of Spectrum’s mother’s support society.

I would like to celebrate those women, the women who help and the women who are brave enough to ask for help.

…you are doing all you can for your children….is there anything more wonderful then that? To know that you are doing your best to raise children who will someday become members of an ever growing network of supporters….we are, hopefully, creating a village.

But there are more women out there that need our help, that need to be part of this ever growing village….but we can’t reach them. Why? Mainly, they don’t know we exist, and if they did, we may not have the funds to help them….I say may not (instead of can’t) because Spectrum never turns a women down. Spectrum will help you, but the strain of running a non-profit with so little funds is (I think) too much to ask for.

Spectrum Mother’s Support Society always finds a way….and in April, we are hosting our annual benefit concert.

It will be amazing! It always is….but here’s the thing…..Last year, I sat in the back watching the audience….and tears streamed down my face….not the tears of wonder or joy you would expect at a wonderful event, but tears of sadness….and, honestly, there was a little bit of rage behind those tears. The audience was filled with wonderful retired people, but where was my generation? We yearn for “that village” ask for “that village” and when that village arrives, you are no where.

I know, you think this has nothing to do with you and you already have other charities to support….and this in not what you were envisioning when you asked for a village. But, guess what, your neighbour is using our services and is too “proud” to admit it and your child is playing with that boy or girl whose mom needed our services. We serve everyone.

“This” hits everyone in our community. It is not something that is happening somewhere else. Poverty, sadness, depression…..young families desperate for help are everywhere. Don’t shut them out of your vision for a village.

Be part of a village that supports everyone.

Join me on

Saturday April 1st, 2017 at 3pm

for A Benefit Concert for Spectrum Mothers Support Society by Universal Gospel Choir

at the North Shore Alliance Church,

201 23rd Street East, North Vancouver, BC.

A multi-faith, multicultural community choir of 70 voices. Universal Gospel Choir is renowned for its big sound, infectious exuberance, and eclectic repertoire that blends old school and urban gospel with social justice anthems, world rhythms and uplifting pop in a uniquely exhilarating mix.

See you there!

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